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Hey friends,

We’re less than 24 hours away from the big day.

I sent a similar email right around last time this year. It was by far one of the most popular ones I’ve ever sent. I may be completely useless to you after I hit send on this email but so be it. Hopefully, this can be helpful last second or you can bookmark it for later.

If you know anything about me, I hate working with shitty people. People who waste your time. Blow smoke up your ass. Lazy. Make promises. Overcharge. Don’t do what they say. Fuck those people. 

As the theme of the week is giving thanks, today I’m simply shouting out some of my favorite partners that I’ve met in the space over the past few years. Many that I’m working with, some I can’t afford (doesn’t mean you can’t), and several that we tap on a freelance as needed basis. 

There are tens of thousands of readers of this newsletter these days and everybody is dealing with their own pain points, so hopefully one of these people can help you.

PS. None of these people know I’m sending this so just email them and tell em Chris sent you, maybe they’ll send me a Starbucks gift card 😉

3PL - Rack’d

Holy shit have we had terrible 3PL partners since moving out of our San Diego spot. I’ve been burned, overcharged, and legitimately lost some of our biggest retail partnerships this year because previous partners could not ship close to on time. I found Rack’d through and they have been a GODSEND. Good ass dudes, who treat your business like its there’s.

You are overpaying for storage and shipping right now. You probably don’t even know it. If you’re using one of the big famous 3PLs I can almost guarantee on my father’s ashes that these dudes can save you money. Since switching we’re probably saving $3500-6000 on a monthly basis and the best part?! They actually know how to ship retail & Amazon orders!

Contact Info: Ian - [email protected] & Reed - [email protected]

Graphic Design - Christian Cardenas

This dude has been a legend to work with and is a great friend. Go to our website you’ll see his graphic when you load it up. He specializes in graphic design, retail packaging, landing pages, social graphics and much more. 

Contact Info: Christian - [email protected]

Amazon Agency - Arvanza

Arvanza is the best Amazon agency in the world. They are the only agency partner that I am now going on a two-year relationship with. These guys are hands down the reason why CROSSNET has become the number one backyard & volleyball game on Amazon. They eat, breathe, and sleep Amazon and are so knowledgeable, easy to work with and just amazing humans. Great pricing, smart workers, and I’d pick them #1 overall in an Amazon agency draft all day long

Contact Info: Neema - [email protected] & Diego [email protected]

Email Agency - Tenth Planet

Been getting the CROSSNET emails over the past 60 days? Then you know they are sexy. We just switched to Jenny from Tenth Planet and holy shit are we impressed. Great design, amazing copywriters, and they know how to work with Klaviyo & Sendlane!

Contact Info: Jenny - [email protected]

Facebook & Instagram Ads - We Are Growth

A few months ago we moved to a new Toronto-based agency called We Are Growth and they have been knocking it out of the park. The level of detail and reporting I’ve been receiving has been world class from what I’m used to. Revenue YOY is growing over 50% and our profit is looking better, while spend is smarter than ever.

These guys are the real deal and I wish I found them sooner.

Contact Info: Luis Morales [email protected] & Uri - [email protected]



Email Sending Partner - Sendlane

We live in a world where the grass is always greener. Brand owners want to own software and vice versa. I’ve become homies with Jimmy, the CEO & Founder of Sendlane this year and he’s just a good ass dude. He’s fighting Goliath right now and dethroning Klaviyo one customer at a time. 

Go review your Klaviyo monthly bill and tell me how much you’re spending. I bet Sendlane can beat it by 30% if not more. Send your emails from Sendlane (they will look the same and make your more profit). 

Contact Info: Jimmy Kim - [email protected]

Freight Broker & LTL - David Fry

We got burned a lot in 2022 on expensive freight brokers. I’m very fortunate David found me on LinkedIn. They now handle all CROSSNETS’ inbound & outbound freight. This means coming from China, getting shipped to the warehouse, shipping to B2B customers, and shipping to Amazon

Contact Info: David Fry - [email protected]

Website Coding

Daman is a hardworking coder busting his ass as a freelancer on Freeup. I found him a few years ago and he’s been my Swiss Army knife if anything ever needs to get tweaked on the site

Contact Info: Daman - [email protected]

Legal - K&L Gates 

“Cheap advice is very expensive” - a quote from my lawyer

Contact Info: Goody - [email protected]

If you’re reading this and I forgot you I’m genuinely sorry. I hope this helps! If you need something else and you’re not seeing it on the list, let me know!

Give your friends & family some extra love this week.

All my love,