Your Official Invite to Join The Founders Club

Hey friends,

Hope Black Friday was a smashing success. More to come on that in this week’s newsletter.

I just found out that next week is Giving Tuesday which makes this a perfect time for this email. This will be the only thing I have to sell you all year besides my own games. Consider it my Cyber Sunday offer.

Starting this newsletter nearly two years ago has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Each and every week y’all hold me accountable to write this and help me share my story. I’ve met new friends, started new businesses, saved money for my business and made some good money along the way - thank you sponsors! None of this happens without you the readers. The words of encouragement, the questions, the thank you’s. They never go unnoticed. 

Earlier this summer, my co-founder Aaron Spivak & I launched The Founders Club. If you haven’t looked into it, it’s a private invite-only community that is made up of the sharpest minds in e-commerce across North America. The group is growing rapidly, with larger and larger brands joining every day. This is your official invite to apply.

You’ll get access to:

1) Access to the Founders Club private Circle community (an online platform that acts as a chat board, posts, and social network) with all members. New members are joining daily and good conversations constantly swirling

2) Bi-Weekly Cohort - We match you up with a group of 6-8 founders who meet bi-weekly to discuss challenges, ideas, and workshop in a mastermind setting. You'll be matched based on revenue, strengths, and weaknesses. Everybody in the group is strategically placed to help solve somebody else’s pain point. 

3) Events - We host monthly events that are 99% of time free for our members in different cities. For example, we have a Utah Jazz box rented out in January for our Winter retreat that all members are invited to, free private dinners, member outings, concert tickets (rented out a 20 person box for Post Malone in Toronto), etc. We plan on elevating this as time goes on to multi-day networking and mastermind events. Events where you actually want to show up, are not harrassed by sponsors and can meet new friends while learning. What a beautiful concept.

4) Online sessions - We host weekly online education sessions. Just in the past few weeks we have had BFCM strategy prep, an open Q&A with a senior buyer from Target, a $100M executive CEO strategy coach, Tik Tok Shop strategy planning, and sessions on saving money on fulfillment and last-mile delivery. You are not required to attend any or all of the events, they are simply added value if you have time each week to learn and get better.

On December 1st we will be officially raising the price to $5000 annually (currently $2500) and not accepting new members until after the new year. 

This is your official invitation to join The Founders Club. After your application is submitted if we decide to move forward you will have a new member interview with our COO, Clay Lundquist. Here are some basic requirements you should be aware of before you apply:

1) Founder or C-Suite/VP level of an e-commerce brand

2) The ability to make yourself available a few times a month

3) The desire to be vulnerable, help others, and want to learn

4) You’re not an asshole

PS. If you’re a SAAS founder, agency owner, entrepreneur, or up-and-comer you are more than welcome to apply. We are building something for you in the very near future.

Looking forward to seeing your application!