I Got a Gift For You ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Although I won’t be picking up your dinner tab tonight, I hope this week’s newsletter will serve as a mini gift to you.

Before we get into this week’s send I need to request a quick favor. Google is changing some things with their deliverability over the next few days and to ensure that I get to keep writing this every week I need your help.

Quickly hit reply to this email and send me a number 1-100. Whoever picks the number I have written down on this piece of paper next to my computer will get a pretty cool gift sent to their house next week.

So on a day filled with love, I was thinking about how I could give you back some love for all the nice things you guys have done for me.

When I was thinking about my wife, it was simple. All she wanted was:

  • My undivided attention.

  • My head not in the cellphone.

  • A pilates class.

  • Date night at her favorite Italian restaurant… she first asked for Taco Bell delivered to our house but I couldn’t let her stoop so low.

So for you guys, I thought I’d do the following:

1) I’m hosting a 100% free workshop on Friday at 1PM EST. We’re going to chat about all things business & brand building. Email me back to get the invite.

2) On any given week 20,000-30,000+ people read this newsletter. I’m giving every one of you the opportunity to get a FREE DETAILED website audit from my good friend Anthony Morgan from Enavi. I’m not talking about some spammy Chat GPT one, but a very, very detailed one that could add tens of thousands of dollars of revenue a week.

3) Every week I get a dozen requests for my favorite partners. Do you have a lawyer? Graphic designer? Product person? I’m taking my time to give you them all!

4) Anybody who applies from now to Friday will get 50% off their first year’s membership of The Founders Club. Legit $2500 for free. Just this link to apply.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you! My wife’s gift better be this good!

Let’s Get You a Free Web Audit

If you know me I am constantly looking for FREE hacks and ways to make my site better. I’m probably the cheapest person in ecommerce. If you’re an expert at something and can give me free advice to make me more money, I’m always going to hear you out for a few minutes. 

This is exactly what Anthony Morgan did for us with his free report by Enavi. They could charge $500 for this report, but they gave it away for free to me and all my readers. It’s plug and play and in a matter of seconds you’ll have visibility on your store’s performance like you’ve never seen it before. Most importantly visibility into all the areas you’re messing up on. 

The free report by Enavi helps you uncover hidden conversion blockers that are hindering the growth of your store.. By breaking up your store’s conversion rate into 4 steps you’ll find your “Metric on Fire” 🔥. This fire will burn in the background crippling your online store performance unless you intentionally work to improve it. This report will help you take the first step.

With the FREE Report you’ll know:

  • Exactly where your funnel is leaking money… every single day → That’s a lot of lost revenue.

  • Your store benchmarked against similar stores to see how you stack up → 72% of store’s struggle with product discovery, does yours?

  • Where to focus and prioritize efforts, so you don’t have to guess anymore → The most approachable conversion optimization process you’ll ever see.

This is the same report Anthony uses to drive millions in monthly revenue for their clients. It helped a very popular cookware brand that you know increase conversion rate by 26% in the first 90 days. 

Not only are they offering this report free, but for any Shopify stores doing over 5mil/year they will give you the most actionable eye-opening audit you’ve ever received, for free. Just tell them Chris Meade sent you. You won’t be disappointed.

Email Anthony - [email protected] - He’s expecting you!

Your New Favorite Rolodex

I grew up in a small town in Connecticut. I mean really small. Like one stoplight, one restaurant that serves chicken tenders. Our graduating class was like 100 people and the closest movie theater was 45 minutes away.

The most difficult thing for me when starting this business was that I legit knew nobody. I’m just a normal kid with a couple hundred Instagram founders and an idea. I’m not rich. I got $2500 in my bank account at any one time tops. My mom’s a widow. We have no rich family members and I’m living paycheck to paycheck.

So what did I do? For years I asked everyone for 5 minutes of their time to learn. I jumped on every podcast. I went to every networking event. I said yes to every opportunity. I tagged in an introduction request whenever I could be helpful, hoping that they’d return the favor some day.

Slowly but surely I build up what I feel like has become an Avengers network of incredible people. From fulfillment services, sales brokers, designers, product engineers, lawyers, etc. I built up a squad of people I can trust and I’m blessed to be able to return the favor and help them in return.

If you don’t need any of this, save this email for a rainy day. I promise you they’ll be a day where it’s helpful.

3PL - Rack’d

The best boutique 3PL partner you could ever ask for. Affordable. Great communication. Full understanding of B2B, Amazon, DTC. Been working with them for 18 months and wish I found them five years ago. I can almost guarantee they can save you 50% on storage.

Contact Info: Ian - [email protected]

Graphic Design - Christian Cardenas

This dude is the man who’s been behind all of CROSSNET’s beautiful retail boxes & social graphics. He’s a beast and won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

Contact Info: Christian - [email protected]

Amazon Agency - Arvanza

Arvanza is the best Amazon agency in the world. They are the only agency partner that I am now going on a two-year relationship with and are hands down the reason CROSSNET has become the number one backyard & volleyball game on Amazon. They eat, breathe, and sleep Amazon.

Contact Info: Neema - [email protected]

Email Agency - Tenth Planet

Where the hell were these guys years ago when I was spending $7500 a month on email marketing?! Jenny & her team simply get email. Great designers, copywriters, and fully proficient in both Klaviyo & Sendlane.

Contact Info: Jenny - [email protected]

Facebook Ad Buying - We Are Growth

Want a chance to work with CROSSNET’s ad agency? They don’t take on many clients but if you’e lucky to work with them they would crush it for you. They contributed big time to 50% year-over-year revenue growth last year.

These guys are the real deal and I wish I found them sooner.

Contact Info: Luis Morales [email protected]

Email Sending Partner - Jimmy Kim

If you’re on Klaviyo just stop. They don’t care about you. Jimmy Kim from Sendlane eats, sleeps, and breathes email marketing. Email him now and I guarantee he will beat your Klaviyo bill by 30% or more.

Contact Info: Jimmy Kim - [email protected]

Get More Email Subscribers - Michael Diesu

You’re not capturing a fraction of all the email subscribers you could be. I’ve become good friends with Michael lately and he’s on a mission to make every company he works with more email revenue in the most clearly ROI positive way ever. Indentify bounced users, retarget via email & ads, make more money.

Contact Info: Michael Diesu - [email protected]

Freight Broker & LTL - David Fry

If you’re moving containers into America or trucking cargo around the USA and not using David from Sun City what are you even doing?

Contact Info: David Fry - [email protected]

The best of the best. No questions asked. The Cartier of lawyers.

Contact Info: Goody - [email protected]

Have an Incredible Day

Well, I hope you guys were happy with my Valentine’s Day gift this year. For my singles awareness people, go out and do something fun tonight. I’m remembering a particularly low point in my life when I bought a 25 pack of Reese’s for myself and wrote a card that said “To Chris for Chris” when I was about 9 years old.

Shoot me an email back to keep getting these and don’t forget to sign up for Friday’s workshop at 1PM EST.

See you then!