Exclusive Webinar Invite

I’m hosting an exclusive, invite-only webinar with Ezra Firestone (MASSIVE ecommerce legend) & a bunch of other marketing whizzes next Wednesday, June 21st.

I wanted to start hosting more private events for my subscribers where we can learn from super smart people, ask a ton of questions, and of course meet up in person.

Next week I’m kicking off a round table discussion all about saving and making your business more money with AI.

These people are all way smarter than me.

So if you’re interested in:

  • Saving your company money and increasing performance

  • Finally implementing AI in several different ways in your org

  • More profitable media buying & increasing average order value

  • Using AI to automate 99% of your CX team’s work

  • Connecting with people who are way smarter than you or I about it and asking them the hard questions

Then you’ll want to join our chat at 2PM EST. I promise your boss won’t care that you missed that boring Zoom Call.

Click this photo & register below.

Why We’re Sending 500% More Texts This Year

I bet it comes as no surprise when I tell you that Father’s Day is one of our busiest holidays of the year. Mothers and children are trying to find a gift for dad that gets him outside to take advantage of the warmer weather and reconnect with his younger self.

Lets just say our ads are performing better than ever around this gifting aspect and leading to a shit ton of new SMS sign ups.

This has led to us sending the highest number of text messages ever… and the best part is not a single word of which we wrote. Artificial intelligence wrote every message on our behalf. And it’s fucking glorious:

A look into our SMS dashboard for a Father’s Day campaign

Before I jump into how we created that beautiful beast, SMS isn’t the only AI we’ve put into action. The webinar that I mentioned above will break down how we’re using AI across the entire marketing org.

I want to show you exactly what we’re doing to

- Increase AOV (Ezra Firestone)

- Give better customer support (Lisa from Siena)

- Drive retention (my buddy Aaron Orendorff from Recart)

- Put everything into context (Phillip Jackson from Future Commerce)

Okay, so what’s the story with that wild-looking Father’s Day campaign?

A couple of weeks ago, Recart invited us to be part of its AI SMS beta. They onboarded CROSSNET using our brand book for identity, values, and do-vs-don’t rules. They created five different personas based on our subscriber’s purchase and engagement history — detailed AF sort of stuff that included pulling from damn near what looked like all of our product pages.

Anyway, after the set-up, we gave them a short campaign goal to test, and last week we got to take it for a spin.

It took about 15 minutes to dial in the rules. And honestly, it broke once while they were showing it to me.

But after it clicked in… holy shit. From a Father’s Day bullet-point list — only editing the last tick for the shipping cut-off — we whipped out three campaigns all in a row:

Text prompt #1

Text prompt #2

Text prompt #3

And from each of those three, we immediately generate personalized messages to five audiences — the personas I mentioned earlier.

That gave us 15 unique texts. But we’re not going to send 15 campaigns in a four-day span — we’re not that crazy.

Instead, my account rep at Recart combined them into a single campaign flow (that’s what they call it) targeting our three biggest segments.


You can kind of see the custom creative they made (because the AI doesn’t do that yet). What fired me up, however, was the custom copy that matched each audience.

Like, in the first text announcing the offer, only our cold audience gets stuff mentioning easy-to-set-up anywhere and our 60-day warranty

… where people who’ve already ordered a CROSSNET they got hit with new products like H2O or Pickleball.

Timing wise it goes:

- Wed 6/7 after lunch: 3 MMS, CTA: Order by June 10

- Fri 6/9 after work: 3 MMS, CTA: Order tomorrow

- Sat 6/10 early afternoon: 3 SMS, CTA: Last day

Plus, between each one are exclusions for anybody who abandoned their cart or bought… and the last SMS is only going to people who clicked on one of the earlier messages but didn’t buy yet.

I’ll reveal the results during the panel on June 21. So if you can, sign up and send me any questions you have. Can’t wait for this! Click the photo below to register.